Bussiness support

Total Logistics Management always combines its logistical services with the financial protection of your commercial transaction. We employ various financing tools to accomplish this:

  • Transactions on credit with the exporter
  • Use of our own capital reserves
  • Bank guarantees
  • Factoring in Russian Federation

After we have received your query we will promptly check the possibilities of working with you and your trading partner in Russian Federation. Then we will offer you a custom-made logistical and financial solution. The financing terms depend on the type and volume of the transaction, such as turnover volume, payment terms for your trading partner in Russian Federation etc. Five percent of the sales value of the goods (to the Russian trading partner) can serve as a guideline.

With Total Logistics Management your shipment of goods to companies in Russian Federation will be simpler, more efficient and safer:

  • With TLM your Russian transaction is protected against political and financial risks. Your company can make its calculations based on a reliable cash flow.
  • Thanks to the prepayment arrangement, you can promptly reinvest the money you have earned, which gives you a competitive edge.
  • You can focus more on your core business while at the same time enjoying cost savings because you have outsourced the logistics (shipment, interim storage, accounting, payment collection, customs clearance in both countries, certification, insurance, bank formalities, telecommunications).
  • You receive all logistical services from only one experienced and efficient partner. We employ experts in all important business divisions for transport, handling of goods, commercial law, customs, certification etc.
  • The offer of extended payment terms will make it easier for your company to acquire new markets and customers in Russian Federation
  • The shipment of your goods to Russian Federation will become faster and more efficient, because we optimise logistical solutions and shipment routes for you. We have our own fleet and our own storage space in Russian Federation.
  • Contact between you and your Russian trading partner will continue without any changes, and thanks to the support from TLM the relationship will become easier and more trusting for both parties.