We offer the following range of services:

  • We pick up your merchandise from any location - throughout the world - and deliver to any destination in Russian Federation.
  • We act as buyers of your merchandise and will make 100% prepayment (in euros) even before the goods are delivered. The terms negotiated between you and your Russian trading partner apply. We handle the payment modalities with your Russian trading partner according to what you have agreed upon (in roubles), granting them payment terms of up to 90 days. This financial protection is always an integral part of our service.
  • Potential non-payment is covered by us. You have the option of adjusting the details of this financial protection to your needs or to those of your trading partner. For example, the modalities for prepayment or payment terms may be varied. TLM is offering this service exclusively throughout the world together with its partners HSBC, Commerzbank and Raiffeisenbank.
  • We handle all the technical and legal aspects of the commercial transaction for you: pick-up, transport (including hazardous goods and temperature-controlled shipments), storage logistics (e.g. consolidation of the merchandise at the warehouse in Germany as well as in our own warehouses in Czech Republic and Russia), handling of the merchandise, freight insurance, home delivery, certification of the goods according to the GOST regulations in Russian Federation, goods declaration, customs (we take care of all formalities in both countries) etc.
  • We offer foreign business branches in Russian Federation, that have no licence for business activities (e.g. purely representative offices), services that allow them to trade within Russian Federation. While you take care of acquisition, customer handling and controlling your business, TLM will handle not only the delivery of goods but also those aspects involving commercial law, such as order handling, invoicing etc.
  • Our qualified and experienced staff will advise you on all logistical, commercial law and financial issues concerning export, in German, English and in Russian too, of course, upon request.
  • In addition, our branch in Shanghai gives European companies with branches in China the option of having goods delivered directly to Russian from there via TLM